About us

RED is a real estate venture firm that specializes in the development and management of commercial real estate properties. Our team has extensive experience and the proven competence to face a wide variety of chalenges: Strategic

Driving the business to maximize value for investors, land owners and tennants


Identifying business opportunities and shaping adequate offers for markets and customers


Studying feasibility of projects and supporting funding demands


Managing all aspects of product and project development

empresa Each property has a potential that must be properly explored

Each client has a set of needs that must be properly addressed

RED’s business model was designed to meet a select set of clients with high demands in real estate management

  • Management model developed to assist investors with large real estate portfolios
  • Competitive costs depending upon the size of the asset portfolio
  • Staff experienced in serving both national and international clients
  • Ability to develop plans and marketing activities specific to the goals of the real estate investor
  • Management technology ensuring auditability of international standard accounting (fund-traded financial institutions)
  • Extensive network of relationships within the industry including investors, lawyers, brokers and companies that specialize in facilitating real estate transactions
  • Experience in representing owners in complex situations, negotiating contracts, or in pre-litigation depositions
RED Phone: 55 11 5171-9595
E-mail: contato@red.com.br